Created in 2011 in order to create a balance between what we draw from nature and what we give back. This is why every year, thanks to our donors, we plant trees in the areas that most need it. Professional care includes the entire process from growing seedlings into adult trees in protected areas that are not subject of felling.
At the heart of Slovakia is our most important ecological wealth - the High Tatras. Which in 2004 was severely damaged by storms and damage was done to almost three million trees over an area of 8737 hectares. As a result of this ecological catastrophe there was a widespread outbreak of the wood pestilent European spruce bark beetle. In recent years this beetle has destroyed more than 2,254,000 trees in the area of the Tatras on an area of nearly 7,300 hectares. Therefore the original calamity area has almost doubled.

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We are planting trees 

Vysoké Tatry- HIGH TATRAS - eco heritage of Slovakia.

2004 storm damaged around 3 million trees 

As as result, wood pestilent beetles spread. 

Trees infested with this beetle eventual dry out and die. 

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